A bit about Kate & Bake Shop Studio

Kate started her career at Fanshawe College in London Ontario studying Fine Art. Soon after graduating from Fanshawe she moved across Canada to attend the historic NSCAD University. It was here in Nova Scotia she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Once she graduated from NSCAD Kate began taking classes at a local Arts and Crafts store. She started practicing her cake decorating skills for friends and family to build her skill set. Kate then got real world experience by worked at several bakeries in London, Ontario from 2009 until 2016.

Kate took classes to improve her skills and broaden her artistic vision with cake art by attending Bonnie Gordon in Toronto. It was here and learned from cake masters such as Lori Hutchinson aka The Caketress and studying the Joseph Lambeth piping method.

After close to a decade working for others, Kate’s skill set outgrew the bakeries she was working at. Kate began the search for a commercial kitchen space to work from to start her own professional cake business. She was lucky to stumble upon a well equipped commercial space in St Thomas and launched Bake Shop Studio in 2016. The Studio was a large open concept kitchen which also functioned as an business incubator space. Bake Shop Studio helped support nearly a dozen new businesses get a running start working out of a commercial kitchen.

In 2018 Kate saw an opportunity to reopen Bake Shop Studio in a new location in Wortley Village in London Ontario. This new space is in a Heritage property in the upstairs unit overlooking the Village.

Kate is happy to report that Bake Shop Studio’s new direction is to focus on wedding cakes, developing an online cake store and welcoming walk-in customers on Saturdays from 10am-2pm

bake shop studio