A bit about Kate

Kate started her career at Fanshawe College in London Ontario studying Fine Art. Soon after graduating from Fanshawe she moved across Canada to attend the historic NSCAD University and complete her BFA.

Once she had graduated from NSCAD she began taking classes at a local Arts and Crafts store and started practicing her cake decorating skills for friends and family. She worked at several bakeries in London Ontario and learned so much about the business of baking.

As a baker, Kate began the search for a commercial kitchen space to work from to start her own professional cake business. After a tireless search, the spaces Kate found were limited. Although some community centers and basement kitchens with older equipment. Kate wanted more

Kate soon realized that if she couldn’t find the perfect space she would have to make it herself. Kate worked out a plan to out together a unique, well-equipped commercial kitchen space where she could work along side other bakery start ups. By May 2016 Bake Shop Studio was launched. Today the studio has helped several baking businesses off the ground and provides Cake and Baking classes for new bakers.