Business of Baking

Benefits of Working from our Commercial Kitchen
  •  Low start up costs for your business
  • Licensed, Health Unit inspected commercial kitchen space
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Meet other bakers and build your networking group
  • Improve your skills by taking a class
  • Built up your clientele
Kitchen Studio Rates

Our Kitchen is available to clients who have signed a contract, presented proof of an Ontario Safe Food Handling Certificate and liability Insurance. Monthly rates begin at $500 a month plus HST.

Currently we have limited availability and are only looking for long term/off hour or Sunday rental clients

The Studio

When building clientele and starting a food business, working from a commercial kitchen is key. Now you can work from a professional kitchen for a fraction of the price of leasing or buying your own commercial space. Start a professional food business sooner than you ever thought! 

The Studio is a main floor 1,100 sq ft unit with lots of room to work and bake. We have two ovens – one classic gas ranges and a full size Blodgett convection oven. There is a hand sink, fruit prep sink, mop bucket/cleaning sink and a 3 compartment dish washing station. We also have a stand up commercial freezer, chest freezer, fridge and 3 large stainless steel worktables. We have a 5qt stand mixer, a Hobart 30 qt mixer and lots of shared baking equipment –  a feature benefit of Bake Shop Studio. Contact us to book your tour.

Bake Shop Studio 2